We also asked the hotel arranged to drop us off at the Santorini airport, and took the Sky Express once again, flew from Santorini at 11:00 am, arrived at Mykonos at 11:30 before noon.
The landing was the most terrifying experience I've never had, It felt as if the flight went into a nose dive, I thought that we were not going to make it this time, the flight landed safely of course, when we stepped out the aircraft, immediately realized how windy it was to cause the awful landing, and it got me thinking, I had read so much before the trip, how come nobody mentioned that it was extremely blustery in Mykonos?

We planned to take a taxi to the hotel from the airport, but the line up at the taxi station outside of the airport was ridiculously long, plus a taxi came once every 10 minutes, we called our hotel
Pension Matina to see if they could pick us up, luckly we did't need to wait in the line any more.

On the way to the hotel, my first impression of Mykonos was the houses looked so much like tofu cubes!
When we arrived the hotel, our room wasn't ready yet, we left our backpacks in the room and headed to the Mykonos town.

The distance from our hotel to Mykonos town was only about a 15 minutes walk, but we had to go down a very steep hill. First thing we did when we got to the Mykonos town was to find out the boat schedule for going to Delos the next day.

The town has tangle of dazzling white alleys and cube shaped houses, it was built in a maze of narrow lanes to defy the wind and pirate raids that use to happen there in the past.

We had pitas for lunch at a small food stand, then kept exploring the Mykonos town.

Little Venice, officially known as Alefkandra, the artists' quarter.


A very popular location for picture taking, five windmills lined along the shore. Also a nice spot for viewing the sunset, but we didn't have a chance to see it.

A corner gift shop in Mykonos town, the residents even painted the path white.

Paraportiani church, in the Kastro, part of it dated from 1425, the rest was built in the 16th & 17th centuries.


Old port area.


We got hungry again around 4:00 pm, so we had a snack at a cafe restaurant.

A boat by the restaurant, with lots of squids hanging on it drying out.

After eating, we went to the Hellenic Seaways office which was not too far from the Town Hall, to pick up the high speed boat tickets I ordered on line for returning to Atherns on the 16th.


An outdoor theater. We spent a lot of time wandering in the Mykonos town, but somehow I was not excited to be here.

An art shop, didn't open that day, but the art works were very attractive.

No one was watching, I could keep taking pictures!

I might buy something if it was opened.

Once got into the alleys, we didn't feel the strong wind.

We returned to the hotel around 7:00 pm, but after 10 minutes of climbing the steep hill back to our hotel, we lost  the desire of visiting Mykonos town later that night, so we had pizzas at a small pizza place near by our hotel, and called it a day.

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