About Life
I’ve been very busy lately, with Christmas shopping, with gift wrapping, and we’re still far away from finish, it’s even busier then working I feel.
I always like Christmas, not only because my birthday is on Christmas Eve, I like the bright lights at nights, red and green color on lots of things, it’s almost like joy floating in the air, you breath in, and you’re happy.
Since moved in Canada, Christmas became a mission of shopping; Can you imagine that Tim has 1 real mom and her boyfriend, 2 stepmothers, 4 people in his older sister’s family, 1 younger sister and 2 younger brothers, I almost forget to mention my father in law, and some of our closed friends. We pick up at lest 2 gifts for each of them usually, then Christmas shopping officially become a nightmare.
I have to admit that I like opening my gifts in Christmas day morning, I like having a hearty Christmas turkey dinner at father in law’s, and I LOVE Christmas with white snow, those are what I couldn’t experience in Taiwan, but we don’t do gift exchange there, Christmas is just a day for parties or having fun.
About Work
My position has been posted on school’s website for a week, and closed on last Thursday, I didn’t know HR would sent candidates’ resumes to Cindy (my boss) until my colleague Queenie told me that, I know Cindy will hire me, she’s the one who wants me to have this job so badly, but she has to complete few procedures before she can do so, there are 4 candidates will come in for interview next Tuesday, and I’ll need to have an interview with her too, it’s going to be a very relaxed interview I’ve never had.
I’m looking forward to becoming a formal employee, I’ll entitle of lots benefits, vacation and sick days with pay, and school paid professional development courses, if I choose taking them at my school, I can study anything I want!
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